Unpublished Articles

Publications of Marie-Louise von Franz

Marie-Louise von Franz left numerous unpublished lectures, papers, and major works related to alchemy, mythology, fairy tales, dreams, synchronicity, the study of symbolism, and other subjects.

The Foundation for Jungian Psychology, being the heir of the literary estate of Marie-Louise von Franz, is presently in the process of publishing these works, as well as revising and re-editing her books that have been out of print.

At the moment a major task of the foundation lies in the publication of Marie-Louise von Franz’s three volume work Symbolism of Fairytales in German (re-edition) and English (new translation) under her authorship. She worked nine years long on this monumental manuscript, which has been published 1957 under the name of another author.

Unpublished Articles of Marie-Louise von Franz

On Alchemy:

  • Seminar on Alchemy
  • History of Alchemy
  • Connections between the Alchemical Symbolism and the Egyptian Ritual of Death
  • About Komarios and Cleopatra
  • The Philosopher and High Priest Komarios Teaches Cleopatra the Divine and Sacred Art of the Philosophical stone
  • Trevisanus
  • Gerhard Dorn; Translation from Theatrum Chemicum

Various articles:

  • About some Archetypal Basic Principles of Our Idea of Time
  • Dreams from the Jungian Point of View
  • The Problem of Christianity as Depicted in European Fairytales
  • The Conception of the Symbol within Modern Psychology
  • The Problem of Freedom in Our Times
  • Dealing with the Collective Unconscious in Jungian Psychology
  • About the Psychology of Religious Symbols
  • Research Work on Myths in Antiquity