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MARIE-LOUISE VON FRANZ:Coletânea de obras em inglês  2021

MARIE-LOUISE VON FRANZ:Coletânea de obras em inglês 2021

Collected Works of Marie-Louise von Franz
É com grande prazer que anunciamos aqui, juntamente com a Chiron Publications, que foi possível realizar o sonho de Marie-Louise von Franz de publicar suas obras definitivas e revisadas de forma atraente também para um ávido público de língua inglesa!

During her lifetime Marie-Louise von Franz expressed the wish that her books and essays might one day appear in the form of a Collected Works. As the main heir to her literary legacy, it became the task of the Foundation for Jungian Psychology, Küsnacht, to fulfil her wish. As a first step, the Board of the Foundation decided to publish all of her books in German in a revised, and in some cases expanded, format by the Foundation's own publishing house. For her lectures or talks, the Foundation drew upon manuscripts, tape recordings or notes, as far as these were available. Marie-Louise von Franz left behind a handwritten list of all of her publications that she herself had both compiled and commented upon. In it, she indicated which editions in her view best reflected her work. Some were first editions in English or French. In these instances, the revised German editions were adapted to reflect the foreign language publications. The texts she wrote in German were largely adopted as they were.

Occasionally, slight alterations have been made to facilitate both the reading of the text and its understanding. In some places, footnotes have been added to refer to more recent research results, or further explanations have been added in endnotes. In line with the German editions, the Foreword of each volume of the Collected Works in English includes a description of the respective circumstances surrounding its creation and translation.

The Foundation is very grateful to Alison Kappes-Bates, Hirzel, for her adaptation of the existing older English editions to the new, revised German editions. Alison Kappes-Bates, whose mother-tongue is English, was a close companion to Marie-Louise von Franz for almost 20 years, including taking care of her in her final years. Where necessary, Alison Kappes-Bates has provided new, and sometimes first, translations of parts of the German texts. Both her experience in her field of expertise and her closeness to the author ensured a quality of work that reflects the German editions.

After several years of negotiation, the Foundation succeeded in signing a framework contract for the Collected Works with Chiron Publications in Asheville, North Carolina/USA. It is planned for the Collected Works to be published in its entirety within the next ten years. The Foundation would like to thank Len Cruz (CEO), Steve Buser (COO) and Jennifer Fitzgerald (Editor), along with all the Chiron Publications employees who have contributed to the creation of the Collected Works. The Foundation is also grateful to the graphic designer, Martina Ott, Zurich, for her creative ideas and suggestions concerning layout and cover design. The combined efforts of all those mentioned above have made it possible to realise Marie-Louise von Franz’s dream and to publish her enduring works, also for an avid English readership, in a revised and attractive form.


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